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General Humanities Resources
Classical Studies
Cultural Studies
Gender Studies
Gay, Lesbian and Queer Theory
Literary Theory

General Humanities rescources

ABCentral - educational resource links
About.com -extensive links to contemporary literature, arts, etc.
ArtandCulture- portal for design arts, film, literature, music, performing arts, visual arts
The Art Bin -art, literature, music, language, history, cultural politics
Britannica.com -the Encyclopedia Britannica online
BUBL Information Service-a national information service for the higher education community
CivWeb -annotated links to Internet resources
Creative Impulse- The Artist's View of World History and Western Civilization -includes excellent compilation of links
CTI Textual Studies
CultureKiosque -Europe's cultural news site.Offers news, features, criticism and interviews about art exhibitions, concerts, opera stars, jazz, dance, CDs & CD-Roms, international cuisine and technology in English, French and/or German
Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities -A Directory of Online References and Resources -
English Studies Information Server
Humanitas -National Humanities Institute
Humanities Computing Repository / Répertoire de l'informatique dans les humanités -searchable index of humanities sites
Humanities & Social Sciences Services-links to databases, e-journals, Internet resources, government documents, CDROMs, etc
Humanities and Arts on the Information Highways
HUMBUL Gateway to Humanities Resources
Hytelnet on WWW - gateway to Hytelnet database of telnet sites, especially library catalogues around the world
Internet Public Library
Irish Resources in the Humanities
Library of Congress
Literature Webliography
Michigan State U. Vincent Voice Library - academic voice library with taped speeches, performances, lectures, interviews, broadcasts, etc.) by over 50,000 persons from all walks of life recorded over 100 years"; this page contains sample sound
New York Times Sunday Book Review Section -current and past reviews
OpenHere! Literature
Resources of Scholarly Societies - General & Interdisciplinary
Scholarly Sites
Stitching Vada: - Portal to the Multicultural World
The Study Place -
StudyWeb -over 20,000 focused academic sites, with 1000+ new sites added weekly. All sites are human selected and reviewed for academic content.
Suite101.com -directory to the Web that includes editorial columns/articles on specific areas and descriptions of editorially-chosen pages
UVA -Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities |
Web-Cite -large meta-site specializing in links to full-text scholarly articles, book reviews, conference papers and hypertexts in literary and cultural studies.
WebGEMS: - information useful to students and researchers, including short articles, longer texts, statistical data, dictionaries, directories, databases, maps, image archives, subject guides, and instructional resources"
Webliography: -A Guide to Internet Resources
Web Resources for Research
World Cultures
Yahoo! Humanities Page

Classical Studies

American Classical League
Ancient Greek and Roman Libraries
Ancient Greek Sites on the World-Wide Web
The Ancient World Web
Cambridge U. Faculty of Classics:
Classics at Oxford
Classics Technology Center
Diotima: -Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Dr. Shaw's Humanities and Classics Page
Electronic Resources for Classicists:
Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Greece
Exploring Ancient World Cultures: The Roman Empire
HUMBUL Gateway to Classics
Internet Classics Archive
Maecenas:- Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Medicina Antiqua / Ancient Medicine -Greco-Roman medicine and medical thought from Mycenaean times until the fall of the Roman empire
Michigan Classics Server
Perseus Project -multimedia library of ancient Greek texts and archaeology; includes online Greek texts in English or Greek, either for download or broken into small browsable chunks
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Classical Studies
RomanSites: -A Catalog of Websites on Roman Antiquity

Cultural Studies

Black Cultural Studies Web Site
Border Crossings -links to sites relating to the various "borders" that demarcate the postmodern and postindustrial social imagination
Centre for Social Theory and Technology
Critical Approaches to Culture, Communications, and Hypermedia
Cultural Studies Resources
Cultural Studies Central
Digital Media: Technology, Postmodernism and Other Stuff -annotated guide to online resources
Disinformation: The Subculture Search Engine
FrontList Books: Scholarly Books on the Web
History of English Studies Page
Information Resources for Information Professionals
K.i.s.s. of the Panopticon: Cultural Theory and New Media
Medieval Cultural Studies: -A Basic Reading List
Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies
The New Economic Literary Criticism -Web site for the Society for Critical Exchange project on this topic; includes info on the conference, related publications, and links
New Historicism
The Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Paradigms: Wacky Wordgame of Cultural Criticism and Limited Agency
Scholê: Teaching Culture in a Non-Linear Environment -theory and resources for rethinking pedagogy in a post-canonical and hypertextual environment
The/Untimely/Past -bibliographies and links relating to the intersection of historiographic practice with poststructuralism, postmodernism, and allied areas of theory / practice
"What is Culture?" Page -definitions and curricular resources related to the topic of culture

Gender Studies


Border Crossings: Gender
English Server Gender & Sexuality List
Equity Online / WEEA Equity Resource Center -national center providing gender-fair multicultural materials, training, consulting and referrals
FrontList Books: -Scholarly Books on the Web
Gender Issues Page
Gender-Related Listservs
Abortion Rights Web
Women on the Net (
Andrea Dworkin Web Site
Artsee Media -monthly zine by a women's media group
Evolution of a New Woman
Judith Butler: Gender Trouble -lecture notes created for a course
Judith Butler Page
Camille Paglia Interview
Canadian Women in History
Catholic Perspective On: Women in Society and in the Church
"A Dialogical Perspective of Feminism and Pornography
A Celebration of Women Writers -alphabetical list with links to online resources
Hélène Cixous -bibliography
Hélène Cixous: "The Laugh of the Medusa -lecture notes created for a course
Always Causing Legal Unrest -an organization parodying the American Civil Liberties Union
Prostitution Research & Education
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
"The Gender Fallacy" -the problem of "men writing the feminine," to borrow the title of a recently-published collection of essays, involves a version of the genetic fallacy. . . .
Ecofeminism - annotated links and text resources for students and teachers in the field of Ecofeminist and Environmental philosophy.
Emory Women Writers Resource Project
English Server: Feminism and Women's Studies
Femina -searchable database for information about women
Feminism and Writing Technologies
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
Feminist Ethics -Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Film Reviews -reviews from a feminist perspective
FMST: -Feminist Studies in Aotearoa Electronic Journal (
Gender Inn: -Women's and Gender Studies Database
Genders -journal, publishing essays about gender and sexuality in relation to social, artistic and economic concerns
Guerrilla Girls -a group of women artists and art professionals who make posters about discrimination
Inform's Women's Studies Resources
Internet Subject Guides: Women's Studies Resource Guide
Luce Irigaray -lecture notes created for a course
Isis Plus -art and culture of women of the African diaspora
Journal of Women's History
Julia Kristeva Page
The Uncanny Style of Kristeva's Critique of Nationalism
Landmarks for Women
Medieval Feminist Index
National Women's History Project
Mimi Nguyen's Asian Feminist & Queer Resources (
NOW-National Organization for Women
On-Line Literary Resources: Women's Literature & Feminism
Orlando Project: -An Integrated History of Women's Writing in the British Isles
Passages from the Bible on Women
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Women's Issues
Resources for Feminist Research
Sapphic Sisters -A resource and community site for lesbians of African descent.

Scary Women: Female Monsters & Fiends in American Film -brings together renowned feminist film scholars to address the cultural, historical and social significance of women in horror films
Slant: The On-Line Version - critical, radical multicultural feminist discourse
"Man-Made Women" -considers the cultural fetish for manufactured versions of women in the 20th century
Suite101.com: Women's History
Taxonomy of Feminist Intellectual Traditions
"Cultural Studies, Feminist Values: Strange Bedfellows or Sisters in Crime?
Vedams Books International: Books on Women's Studies Published in India -annotated catalogue of online bookseller

Viva -A Current Bibliography of Women's History in Historical and Women's Studies Journals
What is Feminism (and why do we have to talk about it so much)? -lecture notes created for a course
Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930 - primary sources for use in high school and college classes focusing on U.S. women's social movements between 1830 and 1930
Women and Performance: -A Journal of Feminist Theory
Women & Politics
Women Artists of the American West - resource containing more than 1200 images and texts on women artists, past and present
Women's Memoirs and the Study of Holocaust History
Women's Suffrage
Women'space -women activists share stories explore how the Internet is being used as a powerful tool for women
Women's Studies WWW Pages
Women's Studies Resources
Womynlynks - contemporary women writers, musicians, artists)

American Coalition for Fathers and Children
The Circle Association - a group of African-American men practicing, and dedicated to, the quality of life, successful manhood and parenting, economic growth and development, and the pursuit of excellence and spiritual development
"Politics of Changing Men-a pro-feminist analysis of masculinity politics
FREE-L -Father's Rights and Equality listserv
The Men's Bibliography- bibliography of writing on men, masculinities and sexualities
Men's Issues Page
MensNet - Men's Network For Change
New Zealand Men's Rights Assoc.
Taxonomy of Men's Studies Discourses
XY: An Australian Magazine About Men and Masculinities

Gay Lesbian and Queer Studies

Advocate Internet -The national gay & lesbian news magazine Internet site
Alternative Sexualities in Fantasy and SF Booklist -bibliography
On Global Queering
The Androygny RAQ -Rarely Asked Questions
Ba-Cyberdykes List
Blithe House Quarterly-Gay Short Fiction
Border Crossings: -Les,Bi,Gay
Queer Performativity and the Natural in Chaucer's Physician's and Pardoner's Tales
The Church-Wellesley Review: -A Quarterly Review of Lesbian and Gay Writing
Queer Play: -The Cultural Work of Crossdressing in Medieval Drama
CyberQueer Lounge
Electronic Gay Community Magazine
Gay & Lesbian Themes in Hispanic Literature & Cultures
Gay and Lesbian Bookstores Worldwide
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Studies
Gerber/Hart Library & Archives
Lesbian History Project
Lesbian Visibility
Homosexuality and the Romance of the RoseJ
The National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law
The Other Queer Page -gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender resources available on the Web
PlanetOut - a vibrant, welcoming and safe community for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and their family and friends
Queer Asian Pacific Resources
Queer Resources Directory
Queer Theory Explained: -Identity-Based Gay & Lesbian Criticism
Queer Theory -lecture notes created for a course
Queer Theory (
Coming Out and Stepping Up: -Queer Legal Theory and Connectivity
Youth Suicide Problems: -Gay/Bisexual Male Focus




ABELL: -Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature
About.com: - links to contemporary literature, arts, etc
About.com: English Literature Page -annotated links by period and category, chat and bulletin boards, newsletter, etc.
Annotated Webliography of Literary Resources
ArtsandCulture: -Literature
Bartleby Library -e-text archive of canonical English and American literature
Familiar Quotations
Bibliomania: -The Network Library
Bohemian Ink: -On-line Review of the History and Future of Experimental Literature and Poetry
Booker Prize Author List
Book Lovers -a selection of sites on writers, poets, libraries, publishers and booksellers
Book Reviews on the Internet
British Literary Prizes
British National Corpus -info about the project to create a 100 million+ archive of samples of written and spoken British English
British Poetry 1780-1910: -a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions
Carrie: -A Full-Text Electronic Library
CETH: -Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
CMU -Poetry Index of Canonical Verse
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Electronic Text Projects
Electronic Texts
English Literature & Religion - bibliographical database about religious aspects and backgrounds of English literature, from the Middle Ages to the present century
English Server -English Literature and Theory Resources
Find-A-Grave -search by name or cemetery to locate graves of historical persons; includes pictures of gravestones
FrontList Books: -Scholarly Books on the Web
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection
Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry
History and Development of Prose Style: -collection of short excerpts from the history of fictional and non-fictional prose
HUMBUL -Gateway to Humanities Resources
Hypertext at Brown
Index of Online Poetry (
Jeff's English Page
Language Arts -annotated metapage of links to language and literature sites
Library of Congress
Links to Places Literary
Literary Links - annotated list of A to Z web links for literature and poetics
A Literary Index: Internet Resources in Literature - a descriptive meta-indexand as a review of the most important lists of literary resources and collections of literary links on the Internet
The Literary Link
The Literary Link for Writing and Submitting Essays - links to resources on close reading, critical reading, imagery, use of quotations, writing critical essays, style, etc-
Literary Resources on the Net (-
The Literary Web - guide to literary resources available on the Web
Literature & the Visual Arts
Literature, Cognition & the Brain -research at the intersection of literary studies, cognitive theory, and neuroscience
Literature of the Fantastic Page
Literature Webliography
Literature: What Makes a Good Short Story?
LiteratureClassics.com -biographical details, lists of works in chronological order, contextual details and critical and analytical essays on individual texts
Luminarium - site featuring extensive resources in medieval, renaissance, and 17th-century British literature
Critical Reading: A Guide- designed for first-year university literature students
The Problem of Meaning in Literature
Marist College English Web: -Humanities Gateways and Institutes
The Master Works of Western Civilization -hypertext-annotated compilation of lists of major works ; links to online texts
MLA -Modern Language Assoc. of America
National Association of Scholars
NCSU Libraries
New York Times Sunday Book Review Section
Online Books
On-Line Books Page
Oxford English Dictionary Electronic Text Center
The Period Pages Project -resources on writers in four periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration and Eighteenth century, and Victorian
The Poetry Archives
Poetry Here and Then: -introduces "-new researchers to the principles of humanities research in special collections, using the poetry collections at the Bentley Historical Library as a point of entry-
Project Gutenberg -major e-text archive
Prose and Poetry
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Literature
The Rutgers Reading List"
The Secular Web - resources on freethinking and atheism; includes archive of historical literature
Statistics Every Writer Should Know -guide to use and interpretation of statistics for the generalist
Transcriptions: -Literary History and the Culture of Information
UMI -Dissertation Abstracts International Database
The Word: -Literature, Journals, Books
World Cultures:

Literary Theory


Undergraduate Introduction to Literary Theory - explanations, definitions, and questions that applies concepts in contemporary literary theory.
ArtsandCulture: -Theory
The Race for Theory-lecture notes created for a course
FrontList Books: -Scholarly Books on the Web
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism
Modern Critical Thought -course site that includes lecture notes on major theoretical movements and authors
Literary Theory
The Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy
On-Line Literary Resources: Theory
Peter Krapp's Theory Site -resources on theory, with a particularly strong suite of pages devoted to the tradition of deconstructive theorists
Responses to the Holocaust: - introduction to the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45
Literary Criticism and Theory
Society for Critical Exchange -North America's only academic society devoted to Literary Theory
SWIRL: Theory
Timeline of Major Critical Theories in the U.S.
Theory, Culture & Society Centre
The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site

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